Order and Subscription Management

Login to the course hub by clicking here or by clicking the Existing Student Class Access link from the homepage navigation. Log in using the email address you used to subscribe and the password you made when you subscribed. That will take you to the LIBRARY. The subscriptions you belong to or any class you have available will be there. In the lower left hand side of the class icon, “CLICK HERE” That will take you to the Subscription Page, on the RIGHT side Navigation Bar will list your classes. Click on the class you wish to view.

First, create a store account by clicking here. Make sure to use the email address you used on your initial order. After creating a new store account, login. Once you login, click "subscriptions" and select your active subscription. From here, you can update your payment information. We'll send you a secure link by email to update it.

If the subscription is a year long subscription you will have continued access to those classes as long as you complete the subscription. If you have a monthly subscription you will lose access when you unsubscribe. Currently the subscriptions run for a year which is 6 classes.

If you would like to receive txt messages about the box and classes, please TXT : SNC to 724-204-6443 for the SNC Box or TXT SERGER to 724-204-6443 for the Serger Box , the questions that are asked are to comply with the federal txting guidelines for the Safe Children Act.


Subscription box shipping is $5 per box. Other store items' shipping rates are based on amount purchased.

The Subscription Boxes are sent out at the beginning of the month of the class. Other store items are sent out usually within 2 business days.

USA orders typically take 4-10 business days to arrive once shipped.

Currently we only offer subscriptions to USA customers.

Payment Information

Education in Pennsylvania is not taxable, however, the product in the boxes is, that cost is absorbed with the cost of the subscription.

Your account will be charged within 24 hours of completing checkout for items. The Box Subscriptions are charged at the time of purchase, then the recurring charge is on the 10th of the box month.

Contact Support

If you still need assistance, email support@amysews.com, we will get back to you as soon as we can.