Discover the 3-Step Perfect Prep Method for Clean Results with your Brother Scan-N-Cut Machine!

In this free 30-minute video tutorial, Amy will guide you step-by-step through her proven techniques for achieving clean and precise fabric cutting results with any Brother Scan-N-Cut machine. Sign up now to say goodbye to frustrating trial and error or neglecting your pricey crafting purchase for fear of failure!

In this 30-minute tutorial we’ll cover …

  • Amy’s favorite fabric prep materials, including fusible webbing and more! These essential tools will ensure that your cuts are clean and professional every time.
  • How to avoid poor cutting results by learning how to recognize signs of under or over fused webbing. Amy will show you what to look out for so you can achieve more consistent results.
  • An overview of Brother Scan-N-Cut mats and how to keep them in top condition for minimized skips. Amy will share her expert tips on mat preparation, so you never have to worry about uneven cutting again!
  • Amy's favorite quick fix solutions to achieve the ideal STICK between your mat and fabric, so that you can wave goodbye to frustrating fabric bunching!
  • Amy will show you how to properly prep your blades for smooth cutting results. Plus, she reveals a game-changing blade that will take your cutting experience to the next level.